Vacoas – Notre Dame de la Visitation Church – early 1900s

Vacoas - Notre Dame de la Visitation Church

Constructed in 1864, Notre Dame de la Visitation is found on the Royal Road near La Caverne in Vacoas. As it was observed with many other old churches, this one too went through quite some changes in the structure. At the time of the above picture, the church had the big cross on the side but no bell tower. Later, probably in the 1930s, a huge tower was added to the left side with its bells. The rest of the structure remained mostly the same, plus some accompanying separate buildings were also constructed at the back and front.

The angle of view of the picture also reveals the shop on the left which is still existant as of 2014 even though not so in the same glory it was before. Most probably it will only stand a couple of years more where inevitably it will be pulled down due to how old and not well maintained the structure is as well.

Main Image courtesy of: Jean Paul Leblanc / Vacoassiens de tous temps

Some Additional Images below in 2014

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