The Caves of La Caverne – Vacoas


Many of us Mauritian residents may certainly have heard of the region of ‘La Caverne’, one of the suburbs of Vacoas, but very few have wondered why this region was named as such… Actually, most of the regions of the island are named according to a specific reason and La Caverne is very famous for its caves that still exist nowadays… and a direct interpretation of the name is ‘The Cave’, french, ‘La Caverne’.

These caves are quite an adventure as such but to really explore them would require a very well equipped team. It is even said that the caves have branches extending up to Palma… remains to be verified. It can be considered to be a vintage or even older place in Mauritius as it certainly dates back to the existence of the island. The most common caves have close entrances and exits (one entrance is also the exit depending on where you start) and the shortest one extends to probably 30 meters whilst the longest one probably up to 3 kilometers.

Click here to geo-locate the entrance on Google Map

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