The Mobile Newspaper Seller – A Tradition

The Traditional Mobile Newspaper Seller - Mauritius

It is 5:30 in the afternoon and while most people are back from work, certain people are just starting daily work. Among those extinct traditional jobs, like, the milkman, the mercantile seller, the coal seller etc, there are a few that still remains, even though becoming very rare. The bread seller and the newspaper selling in some regions are having their services still well acclaimed. Getting the latest headlines on the traditional newspaper without having to drop by the retailer is certainly the job for the mobile newspaper seller. On his old bicycle and with a sure footing, he would ride his bicycle with one hand and deliver newspapers to his regular customers in a swift and throwing it with the other hand. With time and experience it is undoubtedly some riding skills unmatched. The hand-horn that he uses is unique and calls for his presence in the neighbourhood, and the timing is most of the time right!

The mobile newspaper seller still exists in many regions of the island and hopefully some people still have the courage and will to be doing this job. It certainly forms part of our Mauritian Cultural Heritage.

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