Once Upon A Train – by Wassim Sookia

A video documentary about the Trains Era in Mauritius by Wassim Sookia. It is true that not many of us, of the current generation, has known the railways era in Mauritius, but most of us has certainly heard about it from tales of parents and grandparents. The last passenger train was on 31 March 1956 and the overall railways ended in 1964 with its dismantling thereon. This video documentary will certainly let us live through this golden time once again!

First published: 13/07/2013

Port Louis – Place D’Armes and Labourdonnais Square – Carioles ready for work – 1900s

After having already written about Place D’Armes and Labourdonnais Square, it is still amazing to discover how the routine of people back then diversed considerably. Among the different methods of transport, the Place D’Armes was quite famous for its ‘taxi’ stand at that time driven by animals, carriages would ensure displacement within the town and …


Mahebourg – Pointe des Regates – 1970s

Located in Mahebourg (here), ‘Pointe des Regates’ most probably draws its name from the boat competitions organised there since late 19th century. Regatta competitions form part of old traditions which unfortunately had been abandoned since some years, but quite recently some associations have decided to start these traditions again. Regatta competitions, dating since 1874 (Patrimoine …


L’Avenir/Beau Bois – Kids Going home after School – 1970s

Found near La Laura, L’Avenir/Beau Bois is a very quiet and peaceful region with mainly agriculture everywhere. Sugar Cane remains the mainly occupied landspace. Crossing the old ‘Napoleon Bridge‘ (erected 1865, and rebuilt 1941) towards Beau Bois, the view over the Port Louis/Moka Range is overwhelming. In those days, school uniform wasn’t common and accessories …