Once Upon A Train – by Wassim Sookia

A video documentary about the Trains Era in Mauritius by Wassim Sookia. It is true that not many of us, of the current generation, has known the railways era in Mauritius, but most of us has certainly heard about it from tales of parents and grandparents. The last passenger train was on 31 March 1956 and the overall railways ended in 1964 with its dismantling thereon. This video documentary will certainly let us live through this golden time once again!

First published: 13/07/2013

Flic en Flac Beach – Near Villa Caroline – 1969

Flic en Flac is a seaside village on the western part of the island of Mauritius in the district of Rivière Noire. Its public white sandy beach is one of the longest and nicest on the island, its lagoon is protected by the surrounding coral reefs, the beach provide spectacular views over the Indian Ocean horizon and of Le Morne Brabant Peninsula located in the south west of Mauritius. …


Old Churches around Mauritius

Since the French rule till the British Colony there has been quite some very strong and exemplary Churches built throughout the island, and these structures, till now, are as dominantly eye-catching in wherever region they are found. We have wandered around the island to archive them where possible. This article is NOT MEANT FOR ANY …


WWII – The Mauritius Squadron – 1942

This part of history is somewhat unfamiliar, but during the second World War (1939 – 1945), the No. 174 (Mauritius) Squadron RAF was a Royal Air Force Squadron that was a fighter-bomber unit in World War II.  The squadron formed on the 2nd March 1942 at RAF Manston and equipped with Hurricanes and then rocket armed Typhoons in April 1943. It was involved in attacks on shipping and V-1 flying …