Baie du Cap – Macondé

During the early french settlement on the island in 1721 (even though the first claim of possession of the island was in 1715), there wasn’t any interior roads. All communications were done only by sea round the island in either directions. The first settlements were established at these two places only; Port Louis (North-West) and …


Baie du Cap – Loin des Villes

Not purely ‘vintage’ but the guys of Baie-du-Cap did this very nice little video that we enjoyed very much and why not share this as well? Baie du Cap certainly is a very lovely little village in the south of the island of Mauritius and is well famous for these stairs of Macondé that lead up to the viewpoint of the bay and the district boundary as well… and of course the whole village deserves a special attention. Don’t forget to check out their other images and videos on the official facebook page of Baie-du-Cap!