Port Louis – Place D’Armes and Labourdonnais Square – Carioles ready for work – 1900s

After having already written about Place D’Armes and Labourdonnais Square, it is still amazing to discover how the routine of people back then diversed considerably. Among the different methods of transport, the Place D’Armes was quite famous for its ‘taxi’ stand at that time driven by animals, carriages would ensure displacement within the town and …


Mauritius during the 1970s – Place D’Armes, The Market and the Harbour!

Port Louis during the 1970s has been a very memorable place for many Mauritians and city life was very ‘vintage’! The country was at its peak retro time and the lifestyle and life trend was full of souvenirs. Place D’Armes, as we had previously been writing many times, can be said to be the heart of the city and overlooking the Government House revealed the buzz of the city. The boats and ships of the harbour can very close to the quay and the waterfront that we could admire every details of them. Those vintage cars of the time were still in their ‘youth’! Morris Minors, Volkswagen Beetles, Bedford Vans, Wolseleys, Old Tiptop Buses (Bedford Buses), Morris Austins, Bedford Lorries and lots of others… a wonderful souvenir for many.

The Harbour with the Winnie and Betty trailer boats were yet to be discovered and ‘La Place du Quay’ was just already a wonderful waterfront. The Old Port Louis Central Market was still full of life and passion. Lottery tickets were still selling at 10 cents (10 sous)! Oh time, how you fly so fast!