Maison Henri Fraise – Ex UBS Bus Depot – 1983

Maison Henri Fraise - Forest Side - Curepipe - 1983
Another magnificent Colonial/Creole Style house which also knew a sad faith is certainly that one of Forest Side in Curepipe, The Henri Fraise House, also known as the Mancini House. Existent since the early 20th century, this big house was among the best looking in that region. Later with time, the place became an ‘entrepot’ for the UBS Transport (United Bus Service) where they kept their buses. The place could still be seen until 1983 where it was then demolished. The picture above shows the house a few months before it was pulled down. A sad faith indeed.

Somehow, we must not forget what had once been a majestic dwelling and was certainly much admired. The image below shows the place back in 1910.

Maison Henri Fraise - Forest Side - Curepipe - 1910

Both images shared by: Thierry de Comarmond

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