Curepipe – Royal Road and the Merven Building – 1960s

Curepipe - Royal Road - Merven Building - 1960s

Curepipe – Royal Road – Merven Building – 1960s

The Merven Building, from the Merven Brothers, laid its first stone in April 1950. Back in 1939, due to the success of similar apartment buildings being constructed (one opposite the Ritz Cinema, and the other near the St Therese Church) the Merven brothers seized the opportunity and purchased this plot of land from the property of Salaffa and constructed in their turn this building having 24 apartments on two levels and having shopping facilities at ground level. At the time, this wonderful building was designed by a young mauritian architect, Mr Roger Dufourg, and was then constructed by the ‘Mauritius Building Company’. This building changed how the centre of Curepipe looked during these day. On the opposite side facing the Royal Road the ‘Royal College of Curepipe‘ was dominant and made the building even more popular.

Construction of the Merven Building from start to finish

Currently there are rumors that this building will be pulled down due to its age and will be replaced by a new one, modern and stylish… but rumors are certainly not to be trusted. And below we can see how things look like.

Curepipe Junction - Merven Building - 1950s/2013

Curepipe Junction – Merven Building – 1950s/2013

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