Old Vacoas Post Office and Ex-Railway Station

Old Vacoas Post Office, ex Railway Station
Among all the current towns, Vacoas was the last one to bear the township identity. Having the reputation of being the slowest town in terms of development, Vacoas is still a very nice place for its climate. Bonne Terre being one of the regions within the town bears its name because of the very fertile soil. Summer in Vacoas is the best place to be, but mind the winters!

The Post Office building, since its last existence round the late 1980s or early 1990s, also served as the Train Station until 1964 where the railway transport knew a definite end in the island. It was later pulled down and replaced by the current Bus Stand (click to view). The public opinion wished the building could at least be preserved as a souvenir of the Mauritian Railways but the authorities must have had something else in mind. The picture above shows the building after cyclone Gervaise back in 1975.

In the image below we can still see the glory days of that building when it was still being used as the railway station.

Vacoas Railway/Train Station

The days of wonder, only souvenirs left!

Post Office main image courtesy of: Nad Wills / Vacoassiens de tous temps

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