Vintage Houses at Raoul Rivet & D’Entrecasteaux Street – Port Louis

These wooden houses are disappearing little by little from the Mauritian Patrimony and soon to say, only a handful can remain. ‘Maisons Créoles’ as we know them have a completely different feel when you look at them or even happen to visit them. The dwelling experience can only be described by these owners, probably hard for some, whilst very typical for others. Most of them are being left abandoned or demolished and replaced by concrete. They should have been maintained and restored as they ARE what remains of our old Mauritius. For your appreciation…

Google Coordinates of Street:
D’Entrecasteau Street:  20° 9’59.09″S,  57°29’40.99″E
Raoul Rivet Street:  20° 9’58.71″S,  57°29’44.58″E

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