Old Colonial and Creole-Style Houses in Mauritius – Part 1

Since the Colonial times, the way houses were built was completely different from nowadays. At that time, houses were constructed mainly with rocks as the base and wood and some metal as the main structure. The architects of the time somehow managed to impress with the designs and symmetry achieved. With time, evolution brought concrete which of course was much safer, less costly and more durable though less ‘aesthetic’ if it can be said so, and little by little these colonial or creole houses of the french and british colonisation began to disappear, replaced by new. Below is a collection of those remaining old houses which can still be admired today (or probably not, as by the time this gallery is published, some of which must certainly have been pulled down as well). To avoid any misunderstanding, by creole houses, it is meant ‘maison creole’.

Old Mauritius: Houses and Shops frozen in time

All images are © Jean Francois Guimbeau
Shared by: Johann Wiehe

All images were scanned from printed pictures.

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