Floreal – The Races at Mangalkan – 1910s

Mauritius Jockey Club - Floreal - Mangalkan - Horse Racing - 1910s

Mauritius Jockey Club – Floreal – Mangalkan – Horse Racing – 1910s

Currently replaced by the Floreal Knitwear Textile Factory, the Mangalkhan Horse Racing was founded in December 1904 under the title of the Mauritius Jockey Club. The history behind the town of Curepipe relates that during the years 1890s, the Curepipians wanted to build a racecourse in the vicinity of their town. The first racecourse was attempted on ‘Didier Hill’, located at the end of Leclezio Street but unfortunately due to the narrowness of the site the idea was given up.

Mr Rajcoomar Gujadhur, a wealthy planter and horse-racing enthusiate offered part of his land at Mangalkan which was still a dense forest, and after successful negotiations the Mauritius Jockey Club came to existance. With time more landspace was bought from Mr Hanoomanjee and Atchia and the racecourse became very popular. The infrastructure was further enhanced in 1935.

During the second world war, the Club was lended to the Government where Barracks were built, which was later on converted to a hospital in 1945. It was convened that the Club would gain back its assets in 1956. Meanwhile, since 1942, all races were organised at the Champ de Mars instead with the permission of the Mauritius Turf Club.

Floreal - Horse Races at Manghalkan - 1900

Floreal – Horse Races at Manghalkan – 1900

A significant event however was when these two clubs; the Mauritius Turf Club and the Mauritius Jockey Club merged in 1958.

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