Village Lifestyle: People living in Straw Houses – 1950s

Culture - Village Lifestyle - Straw House - 1950s

Culture – Village Lifestyle – Straw House – 1950s

Life in the past wasn’t the same for everyone, nor it is today also. There has always been different levels in society and how things are. On one side we had those who lived more at ease and those who had to struggle to achieve. This is a truth we can’t hide but the good thing is that even those differences, most people lived stress-free.

In those days concrete wasn’t yet reachable and wooden houses were mostly used. In addition to that, straw houses were also quite common. Specially for those of asian/indian origin, the practice of constructing straw houses with a combination of wood/rocks for walls and cow-dung as flooring was common. In addition, raising farm animals like cows and poultry, together with agriculture, helped these families manage.

The hard part about such dwellings were during heavy rains and cyclonic weathers as it is less likely that strong to withstand such conditions. Fortunately, today, with development, such ways of living have been ‘upgraded’ and now most houses are of concrete and are much stronger. Somehow, straw roofing is still being used in elegant dwellings and hotels for their aesthetics.

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