Port Louis – Place D’Armes – The Taxi Stand and Vintage Cars – 1967

Port Louis - Place D'Armes - Taxi Stand and Old Cars - Mauritius - 1967

Port Louis – Place D’Armes – Taxi Stand and Old Cars – Mauritius – 1967

The “Place D’Armes” longing the Government House to the Labourdonnais statue in front of the harbour is one of the best known historical landmarks of Port Louis. The place is considered as the very heart of the city. Around 1865, Port Louis could boast to have a fleet of 1300 rented carriages and as many light carts, and out of those around 300 of those operating at the Place D’Armes.

Port Louis - Place D'Armes - 1890s

Port Louis – Place D’Armes – Taxi Stand – 1890s

The Taxi Stand of the Place D’Armes, in front of the Government House in Port Louis, has been existent since transportation began to be commercialized as a service in the island. It started with coaches (horse-carts) and carriages, followed by those early motorized vehicles of the early 1900s, and with evolution the means of transportation also changed with their time.

Since the British took over the island, British vehicles were mostly seen at this spot and this continued till the early 1970s where Japanese vehicles began their emergence. From this image of 1967, we can see that the Taxi Stand of Place D’Armes had some nice cars including those private vehicles passing by the Place D’Armes towards and from the Government House.

From right to left, beginning with brown Vauxhall Victor FA then white Vauxhall Victor FC Super 101. In the middle, white Ford Zephir mk2, black Ford Falcon XP then the famous white & red Singer Gazelle! (Identification by: Soorej Munraj)

Additionally, we can see some other views of the Place D’Armes in the little gallery below:

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