L’Avenir/Beau Bois – Kids Going home after School – 1970s

L'Avenir/Beau Bois - Kids Coming Back from School - 1970s

L’Avenir/Beau Bois – Kids Coming Back from School – 1970s

Found near La Laura, L’Avenir/Beau Bois is a very quiet and peaceful region with mainly agriculture everywhere. Sugar Cane remains the mainly occupied landspace. Crossing the old ‘Napoleon Bridge‘ (erected 1865, and rebuilt 1941) towards Beau Bois, the view over the Port Louis/Moka Range is overwhelming. In those days, school uniform wasn’t common and accessories for school were the least that could be seen. A simple school bag and dressed smartly, these kids are returning home after spending the day at school, and round this time most families would gather for tea, and biscuits and listening to nice cozy songs on the old grandpa’s radio. The time would be round 2:30 – 3:00pm normally!

This bridge can still be seen today but the view has altered a bit; the greenery has evolved! The Napoleon Bridge as seen recently. (Pictures below)

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