Old Colonial and Creole-style Houses of Mauritius – Part 2


After our first article about these old little beautiful wooden houses of the Mauritian past, we continue our quest for more of them still remaining here and there round the island in this second part. To say, these ‘maison creole’ / colonial buildings are indeed quite eye-catching in wherever region they are situated and get quite noticed. They certainly stand out from the current trend of dwellings and are categorised to be the remains of our Mauritian Patrimony with a historical value.

Even though not all of them are in an excellent state, as it sure costs a lot to maintain these type of houses, they are still much appreciated in their old looks. If we can contrast the situation, it certainly is like you are driving on the street with those recent cars, even though of latest technologies, but one old Morris Minor or Volkswagen Beetle of the 1960s goes by and catches the attention of everyone. Yes, they are like that.

That said…

Old Mauritius: Vintage Houses and Shops frozen in time (part 2):

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