Port Louis – The Town Hall – late 1960s

Port Louis - Town Hall - late 1960s

Port Louis – Town Hall – late 1960s

The town hall of Port Louis was constructed around late 1960s (or early 1970s) to replace the old colonial town hall prevailing before that. A matter of hapiness or deception for some to see the old one gone and replaced by this new one is an opinion that will vary. This current building is still standing today but somewhat has lost its initial beauty, probably due to all those advertisings being made there (personal opinion of course).

From this image dating back to the late 1960s (probably) we can see this area still looking manageable in terms of traffic and activity. Could be a weekend but still seeing the streets of Port Louis like that makes us wonder about the ‘olden’ days back then. Image shared by: Keeran Chhaganlall

And some other views of the Port Louis Town Hall

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