Portrait of a typical Indian family living in a straw house

Indian Family Indentured Labourers Vacoas Mauritius

Descendants of the early Indian immigrants in the country in the early 1930s. At that time, indentured labourers were brought from India to work in the fields and on the Sugar Estates which were knowing an economical boom. These immigrants left their native lands in the search for a better life, but not all of them managed to achieve so. Many returned back to their homeland but approximately 30% of them decided to remain in Mauritius. If observed well, we can see the ‘dholock’ – indian musical instrument, the ‘jhanta’ for crushing rice or maize, the crushing stone for crushing spices, the ‘aukli mussar’ for crushing other types of spices as well… all of which nearly having disappeared from the Mauritian culture of today. People of the time also had a large family, which was also a sign of prosperity!

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