Vacoas – The Old Post Office at the Train Station – 1940s

Vacoas - Old Post Office - Train Station - 1940s

Vacoas – Old Post Office – Train Station – 1940s

A part of the history of Post Offices in Mauritius will certainly mention how these Post Offices during the time when the railways were still in operation in the country were attached to their respective train stations as mails were transported quicker and easier from places to places. It was obvious that in the beginning of the transport system, motorised vehicles were inexistant and courriers were either transported by carriages to nearby places and transported via the railways for more remote places. A mention in this article shows a little more detail at the early days of the Mauritian Postal Services.

The Vacoas Train Station doesn’t exist anymore and has been replaced by the current bus terminal. As from 1964, when all the railway system was removed, most of the stations became head post offices in their respective regions. In the image above, we can still see when the Vacoas Post Office was attached to the railway station (not visible here) and was still in operation. Image courtesy of: Vacoassiens de tous temps.

The images below shows the railway station when it was still in operation and what it became later on. Unfortunately, at the end it all disappeared.

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