Port Louis – The Harbour viewed from the Docks – 1970s

Port Louis - The Harbour from the Docks - 1970s

Port Louis – The Harbour from the Docks – 1970s

During the years 1970s, the Port Louis harbour was a very pleasant attraction as we could admire the big ships coming close to the waterfront. At the time, the waterfront wasn’t yet considered an entertainment centre compared to now with the Caudan Waterfront built during the 1990s.

At the far end, we could still see the Government Printing building and the ‘Club Mediterrané’, and the Rogers building wasn’t even yet constructed. Today, the Government Printing building has been demolished and replaced by the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) and the Club Mediterrané building has also been replaced by the Port Louis Waterfront Building, with its famous ‘McDonalds’ outlet.

Port Louis contains the nation’s main harbor, and is the only official port of entry and exit for sea vessels in Mauritius. Ships must cleared in the port before visiting any other anchorage in the island nation.

Other views of the Port Louis Harbour

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