Trades of Yesteryear: The Kitchen Utensils Seller – 1980s

Kitchen Utensils Seller Jibraan Joomratty

Mobile trades exist since the ancient of times and even now this activity is still being practiced. However, with time, the content of the trading activity has evolved drastically to the point that some have completely disappeared. In Mauritius, the milk seller (milkman), the coal seller, the tin-can seller,  and some others are no longer seen, but which were very common some 20 to 30 years back. On their bicycle, or even by foot, they would go from place to place proposing all kinds of goods to find their living decently.

The image has been shared by Jibraan M. Joomratty, with his grand-dad as the main character and selling kitchen utensils. Souvenir of the past.

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