La Gaulette – Fishermen Village – 1970s

La Gaulette - Pirogues - 1970s

La Gaulette – Pirogues – 1970s

La Gaulette is a small fishermen village near Le Morne, on the coastal road near Chamarel. The village bears well its name as “Gaulette” from the french word means fishing rod, the main tool of a fisherman. Basically, the nearest place of attraction concerning the village is the small island of ‘Benitier’ (L’ile aux Benitiers). Boat trips can be paid to visit the small island. Since the years, there hasn’t been much development in the area except for a few commercial buildings which have opened up and some others have extended their activities and space (Example: La Gaulette Supermarket).

Whilst for nature lovers this place isn’t much about its commercial activities, the shore line is the most interesting part. Since some years, the place has grown more or less into a tourist village as well due to the typical Mauritian restaurants that have opened up. Vintage or not, this effect doesn’t seem to be much affected by time, instead, it looks nearly the same since years.

La Gaulette - Old Mauritius -1970s

La Gaulette – Old Mauritius -1970s

Today La Gaulette primary activity still appears to be fishing and life on this side of the coast appears to be lost in time!

La Gaulette - Fishermen Village - 1970s

La Gaulette – Fishermen Village – 1970s

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