Baie du Tombeau beach – 1960s

Baie du Tombeau Beach - Mauritius-  1960s

Baie du Tombeau Beach – Mauritius- 1960s

Baie du Tombeau is found here and forms part of the Pamplemousses District. While most old pictures reference Baie du Tombeau as Le Goulet, the village dwells along the coast line from start to end and the sea shore is everywhere. Private bungalows occupy most of the coastline though and if someone wants to access the beach he or she will have to go through the various embarkation points, unless going through the private properties.

Since the village takes a circular shape outwards from start to end, there are lots of interesting views that Baie du Tombeau offers. If we take from the south entrance, we will have nice views over the harbour, the ships and the quays; the busy side. And if we take from the north entrance, we will come across the silent beach type area. Fishing forms part of the daily life of many of the inhabitants and fresh fish is easily available, almost every afternoon.

This view below shows the south side with quite some ships entering or leaving the harbour and other fishermen boats.

And this view shows the north side, which leads to Le Goulet and provides a view towards the north of the island:

Baie du Tombeau North Side

Baie du Tombeau North Side


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