Port Louis – Victoria Train Station – 1910s

Port Louis - Victoria Train Station - 1910s

Port Louis – Victoria Train Station – 1910s

Around the years 1860, the transport of passengers as well as goods was undertaken by some 2000 horses, 4000 mules and 4500 carriages. With the increasing population and the higher necessity for inland transport, the railways were introduced and in 1864 the first line serving Port Louis towards the north of the island to the east began to operate. This 50 km line stretched via Roche Bois, Triolet, Pamplemousses, Riviere du Rempart, Flacq and ended at Grand River South East (GRSE), the latter being the terminal. The following year the Midland line was introduced joining Port Louis to Mahebourg, and this newer line of 56 km went through Grande Riviere, Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, Vacoas, Curepipe, Midlands, Rose Belle, Mare D’Albert, Union Vale and Mahebourg.

The Railway Transport brought a lot of changes towards the evolution of the towns and villages, and impacting directly on the social lives of the inhabitants. Positively, from then on, both white collars and workers used this mean of transport for their daily jobs, students from everywhere could attend remote schools, and during festivities and horse-racing days, the mass could gather in Port Louis from everywhere. The island knew an evolution.

Further more, communication also became better. At each train station, there was also the Post Office and the telegram facility. At the parking of the main stations, carriages were also still being used as short distance taxis; from the station to home. Animal-driven transport later got replaced by motorized vehicles.

Port Louis Victoria Station 1930s - Lorries Embarking

Port Louis Victoria Station 1930s – Lorries Embarking

However, with time and some bad experiences (profitability and security mostly), the railway lines were dropped in 1964 in favor of motorized transport and buses for public transport. The Victoria Train Station was thereon converted, and the area became the Victoria Bus Stand as well as the Victoria Taxi Stand on another side. The main station building was used for other governmental activities and changes were brought to accomodate landing platforms for the buses that operated the different lines.

Old Buses Victoria Bus Stand 1950s 1960s

Old Buses at the Victoria Bus Station – 1950s/1960s

And later on the buses evolved, as well as some positioning was brought to the station and the lines being served. Unfortunately for the old building of the Train Station now (2014) stands in ruin and has been very much neglected.

Port Louis - Victoria Bus Station - 1975 - Mauritius - Courtesy: Sophie Cayeux

Port Louis – Victoria Bus Station and Taxi Stand – 1975 – Mauritius – Courtesy: Sophie Cayeux

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