Pointe D’Esny – View over Lion Mountain – 1960s

Pointe D'Esny / Pointe Jerome - Old Mauritius & Lion Mountain - 1960s

Pointe D’Esny / Pointe Jerome – Old Mauritius & Lion Mountain – 1960s

Pointe D’Esny is a coastal village situated on the South East part of the island, between Blue Bay and Mahebourg. Pointe D’Esny bears its name from Esny, who was the assistant of Abbe de la Caille, the latter being a very good cartographer and hydrographer during the french occupation period on the island from 1753 – 1756. They helped to create a very precise map of the island at that time with innovative information like mountain heights, rivers length and other topographical information, and needless to say how such maps were of valuable importance then. (No google maps!)

Pointe D’Esny prior to the 1960s wasn’t that well-known (by name) as the place was mainly a fishermen village and at that time to new route (as we know of today) to Blue Bay wasn’t yet created. All traffics to Blue Bay was accessed through this region. With the advent of development and the uprise of the tourism industry, hotels were built in the regions around (Le Chaland) and Pointe D’Esny knew its first hotel under the name of ‘Preskil Beach Resort’ (previously known as Croix du Sud Hotel). Some may say the region of Pointe D’Esny is a bit a mixed up confusion between Pointe Jerome, which are both neighbours.

On the other side, Pointe D’Esny has a great beach area, nearly same as Blue Bay and the sea is of the dreamy-like blue, but unfortunately not so accessible due the all the spot being occupied by private villas and bungalows.

From this view of simplicity (taken from here) we can also admire the splendid Lion Mountain (because of the form it takes as a resting Lion, and no, there were no lions on the mountain)! Life in a peaceful cliché!

Pointe D'Esny / Pointe Jerome - Mauritius 2013 - Pirogues & Fishermen

Pointe D’Esny / Pointe Jerome – Mauritius 2013 – Pirogues & Fishermen

From this recent view at nearly the same spot, just closer to the sea, we can admire the Lion mountain at the far end!

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