Mahebourg – Pointe des Regates – 1970s

Mahebourg - Pointe des Regates - 1970s

Mahebourg – Pointe des Regates – 1970s

Located in Mahebourg (here), ‘Pointe des Regates’ most probably draws its name from the boat competitions organised there since late 19th century. Regatta competitions form part of old traditions which unfortunately had been abandoned since some years, but quite recently some associations have decided to start these traditions again.

Regatta competitions, dating since 1874 (Patrimoine Maritime de L’Ile Maurice), are races of pirogues and are events which are very much admired. Normally each boat will comprise of a team to lead towards victory. Whilst this sounds like most competitions, Regattas are very colorful events with these boats and their mats of all sorts of colors, and during such occasions families gather and participate in either supporting their teams or just to spend the day out. The image of 1970s shows the gathering of supporters at the start of the competiton.

Mahebourg - Regattas Point - 1920s

Mahebourg – Regattas Point – 1920s

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