Port Louis – Celebration at Jummah Mosque – 1950s

Jummah Mosque at Night - 1950s - Eid Celebration

Jummah Mosque at Night – 1950s – Eid Celebration

This year (2014) Eid-Ul-Fitr (Eid) in Mauritius is being celebrated on the 29th of July, marking the end of the Ramadan period. Normally this depends on the visibility of the moon but since the visibility and celebration was already confirmed in Saudi Arabia, it is automatically confirmed for the others as well. This can be better explained and understood here. Throughout the country, Muslim families celebrate the event and for most, it is well known for ‘Briani‘ (Biryani) time.

The above image most probably relates to this event being celebrated back in the 1950s where the Jummah Masjid was well decorated with lightings covering the building and making it look very festive. This is somehow regretful as this scene is no longer visible today.

Other views of the Jummah Masjid:

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