Plaisance Airport – Hawkers of the Time – 1971

Plaisance Airport - Hawkers of the Days - Plaine Magnien - 1971 (Courtesy: Sophie Cayeux)

Plaisance Airport – Hawkers of the Days – Plaine Magnien – 1971 (Courtesy: Sophie Cayeux)

This is somewhat rare to see the Plaisance Airport but rather its surroundings instead of just the main building or with the planes. At that time there wasn’t yet a cafeteria at the Airport and hawkers found a good way to earn a living by offering snacks for sale in its close vicinity.

A first glimpse also reveals how people were quite poor back then, seeing how the foreground lady selling peanuts is represented and and mixed in the background these kids wandering around without sandals or anything in their foot. But still those were the days when you didn’t worry much about these things, but rather spent time enjoying every moment of what life could offer, both its hardships and good times.

And for those who might still remember, these vintage crates of soft drinks and Coca-Cola are now objects of collection. We can observe the drinks available; Coca-cola, Fanta, some other lemonades and beer most probably, and standing on the left side the banana seller. At the far end we can see the Lufthansa Airways waiting for passengers really close to the flight gates. Same as with the Port Louis harbour we could see the ships as close as figuratively touching them, this also applied to the Plaisance Airport!

Plaisance Airport - Departures - 1965

Plaisance Airport – Departures – 1965

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