Curepipe – St Therese Church – early 1900s

Curepipe - St Therese Church - early 1900s

Found just opposite the east entrance of the Curepipe Municipality, the Saint Therese Church is one magnificent architecture that has known quite some changes through time. Today if we take a look at the church it definitely shows how much development has been made to the building.

Built in 1868, the catholic church has been an iconic building for the town of Curepipe, mainly for the town centre. There also exists the Saint Helene Church found at the entrance of town from the north and both these churches are magnificent in architecture. St Helene somehow was construction in 1922, much later after the St Therese Church. Below we can see a recent picture of how the St Therese Church looks like in 2013.

Curepipe St Therese Church - 2013

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