Curepipe – Royal Road – 1950s

Curepipe Royal Road 1950s

Seeing Curepipe during these golden old days with all these vintage cars gives the impression of life in a Western city, most of which ressemble this same setting. The Merven Building at the middle, the Royal College of Curepipe on the right and the Currimjee building at the far end are those ‘institutions’ that haven’t changed compared to the recent period. Apart from the vehicles, we can say that there is actually no other changes to that place, and that is true. Still, those days are far behind and will certainly never come back. The true different somehow remains on how life was; simple, if not ,stress-free and happy.

And even older period can certainly be admired from this photography, with the same place, closer view and nearly same day time. Image shared by: Arrmaan Shamachurn

Curepipe Royal Road - 1946

The Buses of the 1940s were more like bigger cars, smaller in length that today’s buses, shorter in height, and less seating capacity of course, but oh well, some of us would really love to see a few of those around! At this period, the Merven Building wasn’t yet constructed, initially starting during the late 1940s and ending early 1950s. Interesting observation how the roads appear much larger… no pavements of course!

Oh golden days, where are thou!

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