Curepipe – Royal College and Royal Road – 1969

Curepipe Royal College 1969

Curepipe Royal College 1969

Found in Curepipe, the Royal College laid its first stone on the 1st October 1912 and two years later, on the 12th of January 1914, under the rectorship of Mr Westem Francis Russell the college was inaugurated and the institution was open to all students of the colony at the time. It is also said that the front aspect of the college has been somewhat inspired by the ‘Buckingham Palace’ and it has been wholely designed, conceived and built by Mauritians. The engineer himself was a laureat of the Royal College. The whole college is built by mauritian workers and even these blue basalte rocks are from Mauritius.

Certainly we have to believe that this institution is a monument in itself and deserves the right to be acclaimed so. In the far end of this image we can still see the ‘Pathe Palace‘ back in 1969 (which is today the ‘Courts’ Curepipe). And below we have the same building viewed from the other end.

Curepipe RCC Junction

Curepipe Royal Road Junction

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