Culture: Old Mini Market with Childhood Moments

Vintage Old Mini Market Childhood Mauritius

Some decades back children were not technological geeks as compared to those of this new generation. There were no electronics, no computer, no internet, and no… mobile phones… but there was an active outdoor life. Games were played outdoor in the yard or the backyard, in the soil, on the grass, on the trees, everything that was considered an active life. On holidays, children would accompany their parents helping with the duties and finding it as entertaining as discovering new things. This childhood has now disappeared forever. Something that will never be seen again, probably not in this land.

Parents having a small business, either a little shop, or bigger scale activity, were very much accompanied by the children and were kept busy. This image of a mini market selling fruits and some vegetables in the late 70s/early 80s is a typical example of some common childhood souvenirs which many will never forget.

Happy and stress-free!

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