Vacoas – Town Centre viewed from Savoy Cinema – 1970s

Vacoas Town Centre - Savoy Junction - John Kennedy Ave

Vacoas Town Centre – Savoy Junction – John Kennedy Ave

Vacoas Town Centre is known unfortunately for its very slow development and growth. Being the last town to actually obtain the township title, Vacoas however is quite well known for a very good climate. During summer days the temperature is most desirable but during winter is can get somewhat very cold. The Town Centre since the early 1970s till now is nearly the same. Except for the filling station seen on the left of the image currently replaced by a commercial building, the rest is the same. Of course, some wooden buildings have now been replaced by concrete but the same trading activity remains.

At that time the John Kennedy Avenue seen in the image was a two-way traffic street but now it is a one-way traffic, the exit being the foreground of the image.

Vacoas – Savoy Cinema Junction – An Alternative View

Vacoas Savoy Junction Mauritius Esso Filling

Vacoas Savoy Junction Mauritius Esso Filling

Both images courtesy of: Vacoassiens de tous temps

Did you know?
Vacoas-Phoenix (French: Villes Jumelles) is a town in Mauritius of the island of Mauritius, located in the Plaines Wilhems District, the eastern part also lies in the Moka District. The town is administered by the Municipal Council of Vacoas-Phoenix. According to the census made by Statistics Mauritius in 2012, the population of the town was at 109,136. The town lies between Quatre Bornes and Curepipe. (Source: Wikipedia)

And another ‘funny’ fact is that, Vacoas is known in the history and development of Mauritius to be a selected place for settlement among the early navigators and visitors to the island and even during early colonisation. Unfortunately it remained very slow in development that other places like ‘Curepipe’, named well after Vacoas, surpassed the progress of the area. Even today this has remained as such and the demographic growth is stagnent.

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