Special Mobile Force Destroying Cannabis Plants found near Port Louis – 1970s

SMF Cannabis Plants Found and Ready to be Destroyed - 1970s

SMF Cannabis Plants Found and Ready to be Destroyed – 1970s (Courtesy: Alasdair Ward)

Dealing with narcotics is a serious offence nearly everywhere in the world, even though some of its milder category have been legalized in some countries. In Mauritius, illegal cultivation of these plants are still being practised secretly and very often we hear in the news how the Police or Special Mobile Force (SMF) have uprooted a certain amount of these plants and have been brought back to the Barracks to be destroyed.

This image dating back round the 1970s shows this huge haul of these cannabis plants (drugs) which have been ‘captured’ by the Special Mobile Force and are at the point of being burnt. The Barracks at the back shows the quarters at Vacoas. Quite a catch indeed and these soldiers look so proud of their achievement, which is indeed another victory against drugs dealing.

These plants were found at a very difficult-to-access area on the side of a mountain near Port Louis. The SMF had to use climbing gears to get to the plants and bring them back. And most probably that was a dangerous mission since most of them can be seen with their rifles.

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