Port Louis – Place D’Armes viewed from the Government House – 1960s

Port Louis - Place D'Armes - Govt House - 1960s

Port Louis – Place D’Armes – Govt House – 1960s

The Golden days, during the late 1950s/early 1960s when Port Louis City was still looking ‘clean’ if it can be said so. Less traffic compared to nowadays and the change in traffic routing. At that time, TIPTOP buses were very common for the inner city rides, and its bus stand was just at the other end of the Place D’Armes.

The Place D’Armes was still a two-way traffic road ending up on a little round-about to La Chaussée or Royal Street. Image shared by: Keeran Chhaganlall / Original Post

Alternative Views of the Place D’Armes in Port Louis

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