The Souillac Police Station

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The Souillac Police Station, another historical building dating back to the french period, might go unnoticed and taken for just a police station if not observed carefully. The building of stone structure looks to be rather well kept for being that old. According to the Tourism Information plate in front of the building, the Souillac Police Station, before it was a police station, was used to accomodate slaves during the 18th Century. Every morning the slaves used to go down the path situated at the back of the building, along the coast to the wharf at Port Souillac.

In the 19th Century, it was used as a resting place for the train passengers coming from every nook and corner of the island, and for those who might not know, the train track was actually some 10-15 meters in front of the building, making it a close location to the railways and station. Later, a police station and other government offices occupied the building.

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