The Souillac Marine Cemetery

The Souillac Marine Cemetery… or Marine Graveyard exists since the early 1770s approximately, since the early inhabitants of the region as from 1767 and of course, the French Colonial Era. The Graveyard is quite famous for, firstly, its geographical location on a coastal region and by the sea and, secondly, for being one of the early graveyards and having ‘R.I.P’ quite some famous personalities, among whom, Sir Robert Edward Hart… and some other important personalities of the colonial era we might not know in detail. Somehow, Souillac Marine Graveyard is not the only Marine Graveyard of the island, whilst it exists a few others, but is among the most talked about due to its proximity to the sea. Visual Reportage…

For sure, some people have a different perspective talking about graveyards (too much horror movies?) but this one is more of a ‘museum’ of the past!

Click here to locate the graveyard on Google Maps

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