Desolation Scene after Cyclone – Ici On Vend Du Rhum – 1960s

Desolation Scene - Ici On Vend Du Rhum - Here we sell Rum - Mauritius Cyclone - 1960s

Desolation Scene – Ici On Vend Du Rhum – Here We Sell Rum – Mauritius Cyclone – 1960s

There is this Mauritian song which says that the ‘Rum is not good’ (Rhum la na pa bon mem), but still it can’t be helped to avoid its consumption. Trades of the time, the big notice written on this, most probably chinese, shop or ‘tavern’ saying that they are selling rum! “Here we sell rum” (Ici on vend du rhum).

This rare scene shows however the effects after a cyclone has hit the island and damaging many structures, in this case, the shop’s roof and porch being torn away… The cyclone might be unmentioned but it has been occuring frequently in the past, due to these weak structures mainly of wood, that on each time a cyclone approaches the island many houses and buildings of such nature have barely any resistance. Among the most strongest cyclones, Carol in february 1960 has certainly marked many Mauritians with how it destroyed habitats and lives.


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