Port Louis – Central Market / Bazar Central – 1923

Port Louis - Bazar Central - the Market - 1923

Port Louis – Bazar Central – the Market – 1923 (Courtesy: John Coquet/Vacoassiens de tous temps)

After having moved around between the Company Garden (Jardin de la Compagnie) and the actual place of the Theatre for quite some time during the early colonial times, the Central Market finally settled in the where was previously the ‘Bassin des Chaloupes’ and its current location. The building we can see is standing since 1839. Quite a history it possesses! From the picture, back in 1923, we have a glimpse of life during the colonial times. Indentured labourers forming part of the greater majority of the population and farmers and traders here and there. The good thing to notice how the market appears quite clean and spacious, but of course, today’s population is different, both in terms of density and cultural behaviour.

Port Louis - Central Market - 1960s

Port Louis – Central Market – 1960s

Today this same market is considered as a major tourist attraction, if not to say, Mauritian attraction too. With the different sections that cater for all needs, the market certainly deserves its fame. Back in the 1970s, the market wasn’t yet ‘renovated’ and looked quite similar to its earlier times. Quite crowded, isn’t it?

Since some very few years, the Market, after being seriously affected by the fire of late 1990s, went through some ‘upgrades’ and renovation. The main structure luckily remained but a new building was added. The current market’s structure occupies an additional level; more space, more commodities. Some images of 2004 to show a glimpse of the new space:

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