Port Louis – Arsenal Street and the Citadel – early 1920s

Port Louis - Rue Arsenal - Inkerman Street - Citadel - early 1900s

Port Louis – ArsenalStreet – The Citadel – early 1920s

After that the British took control of the island back in 1810, they decided to errect a fort on the ruins of an older french fortification on the hill of ‘Petite Montagne’ fearing that the french might try to invade and possession of the island again. The fort, which was given the name of the ‘Citadel’ began construction in 1834 after that the funds were approved in 1832, and the fortress was completed in 1840, six years later. The construction was mainly achieved by indentured labourers as the exploitation of slaves was abolished in 1830. The fort later was named ‘Fort Adelaide’ after the wife of the ruling king of England, King William IV.

Mauritius under the Colonies knew quite some development and Port Louis being the main Port city was where most of everything happened. Arsenal Street, similar to other streets in Port Louis at that time shows how the dwellings of the time was back then and now the same street knows only concrete buildings everywhere. Certainly for the better and more security, but somehow the antique feeling is no more.

This same view in 2014 looks like below… Even the Citadel is no longer seen from the same spot due to the tall buildings which have been constructed.

Port Louis - Arsenal Street - 2014

Port Louis – Arsenal Street – 2014

In the gallery below we can admire Port Louis during these early colonial times at different places of the city:

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