Port Louis – King’s African Rifles (KAR) regiment firing Canons at the Pleasure Ground – 1952

The King’s African Rifles Regiment firing canons at the Pleasure Ground (les salines) during Empire Day in 1964. Quite an artillery indeed. Image shared by: France Athow UPDATE: The year is claimed to be 1952 probably instead of 1964 as originally mentioned. The King’s African Rifles (KAR) was a multi-battalion British colonial regiment raised from …


Once Upon A Train – by Wassim Sookia

A video documentary about the Trains Era in Mauritius by Wassim Sookia. It is true that not many of us, of the current generation, have known the railways era in Mauritius, but most of us have certainly heard about it from tales of parents and grandparents. The last passenger train was on 31 March 1956 and the overall railways ended in 1964 with its dismantling thereon. This video documentary will certainly let us live through this golden time once again!

First published: 13/07/2013

Old Tramways of Mauritius

During the railways era (1864 – 1964), while the sugar industry was facing a boom, many sugar factories transported their harvest to the crushing plants using both traditional and mechanical methods; ox-carts, tramways, and later on lorries… During the early years ox-carts were most of which used for the transport of canes, but later on, …