Le Morne Plage Hotel – 1958

Le Morne Plage Hotel - 1958

Le Morne Village, including the famous mountain of Le Morne Brabant, is well known for being a sanctuary for the slaves during the early french colony on the island. With time, this area knew quite some development and in the early 1950s, small bungalow-like structures were built for recreational purposes known as ‘Les Rondavelles’ du Morne. Below we can see how the place looked like then. Image shared by: Jean-Maurice Paturau

Les Rondavelles du Morne - early 1950s

Les Rondavelles du Morne

Afterwards, some years later, the Hotel ‘Le Morne Plage’ came in existance from the existing area and currently, this same hotel is now ‘Le Paradis Hotel’. Of course, the structure has changed and followed a modern trend, but back in the days, this was how it all was. Today, Le Morne Village is no longer as it was. 90% of this coastline is being occupied by different hotels, including: Le Paradis, Lux* Le Morne, Indian Resort etc.

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