Tamarin – The One and Only Tamarin Bridge – 1960s

Tamarin Bridge - with View on the Rempart Mountains - 1960s

Tamarin Steel Bridge – with View on the Rempart Mountains – 1960s

Built in 1934, the Tamarin steel Bridge is inevitable for anyone trying to reach the village of Tamarin from the north entrance. This iconic bridge crosses the Tamarin River and is approximately 50 meters in length. The bridge is quite narrow somehow and vehicles above 10 tons are not permitted over it. Quite similar to the L’Escalier Bridge, the Tamarin Bridge is a one-piece passage supported only by its two ends, that is, there is no other supports in between compared to a viaduct. Our trust somehow resides on the engineers who designed it then and we have to admit it is certainly a solid one given the time it is still standing.

There also exists the south entrance towards Tamarin Village but it is the longest access that one can take as it crosses quite some other villages before reaching Tamarin. The Village of Tamarin as well as its beach is quite famous for two main things; its Salt Pans, and the waves of the sea, praised by surfers.

Tamarin Bay - Surfers, Waves and Chicks - 1960s

Tamarin Bay – Surfers, Waves and Chicks – 1960s

This bridge is not the first one somehow. In the past, there existed another bridge further down the river, but is said to have been destroyed during a cyclone. Its ruins can still be seen today. The little gallery below shows the current days of the bridge, including an appearance of the remains of the old tamarin bridge.


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