Old Sugar Mills Chimneys of Mauritius

When the French settled in Mauritius they built many Sugar Mills as at that time Sugar Cane was a highly profitable and prosperous activity. After the French period, the English Colony continued this activity with even more production and mills built around the island at different estates. With time, however, sugarcane knew a decline in demand and production had to be decreased. Many of these mills were pulled down… but some of their chimneys only remained.

In 1858 there were about 259 sugar mills in Mauritius, however, due to the process of centralization, where sugar estates which were family owned estates merge into companies, the number of sugar mills have decreased to 137 sugar mills in 1888 and 79 sugar mills in 1903

Here is a collection of various chimneys we have encountered round the island. There are still lots but with time we’ll find them and update this list. We also found that not all of these stone chimneys were of sugar mills, there was also those for the preparation of lime from corals…

This list will be frequently updated, so check back from time to time.

You can find all their locations here

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