Souillac – Rochester Falls

Souillac - Rochester Falls - 2014

Souillac – Rochester Falls – 2014

Mauritius island, being of volcanic origin, offers quite some natural wonders that many may have had the occasion to contemplate. Found in the district of Savanne, and forming part of the Old Terracine Sugar Estate (now Pepiniere), Rochester Falls is one of those famous attractions flowing from the Savanne River. This waterfall certainly must be as old as the island and exists since thousands of years ago. It is believed to be of solidified lava which has taken a vertical form of different heights, at the same time creating a ladder-like or stairs form; one can climb from the bottom to the top of the fall just by normal climbing, of course, also depending on the water flow.

Souillac - Rochester Falls - Savanne River - 1984

Souillac – Rochester Falls – Savanne River – 1984

Access to the Rochester Falls is fairly easy be it by walking or by motorised vehicles and is guided by indications through the sugar cane fields. The waterfall is considered as a major tourist attraction and even as an entertainment facility for those fans of extreme activities; jumping from the cliffs into the water. During school holidays bunch of young lads can also be seen enjoying the jumps and dives regularly and on demand, in exchange for a little fee perhaps. Even though it is considered dangerous, casualties have been quite few.

The spot has also been famous since ages and it will be difficult to deny that given the number of old photographs of the scenery that exists and are circulating. During heavy rains, it is not recommended to visit the place as the water level and torrent reach dangerous levels.

Souillac – Rochester Falls

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